Four categories that you can use to find the right Realtor for you.

How do you find the right Realtor for you? Of course, we could just say that you should call us, but not everyone lives in Oklahoma City, and not everyone is ready to work with us. Let’s go over an honest list of four things you should look for in your Realtor when you interview them: 

1. Experience. The right Realtor for you will have experience selling properties similar to yours (i.e. condo, single-family, acreage, historic, etc.). More importantly, they will also be experienced with selling homes under similar circumstances to your own (i.e. downsizing, out-of-town owners, divorcing, estates and probate, etc.). This is particularly true if your relocation process involves complexities outside the normal scope of real estate.

While agents should have experience in selling the type of home you have, it isn’t necessarily critical that they are familiar with your specific neighborhood. In the 1990’s or before this may have been necessary, but with the ability to research information via the internet and the wide use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) by real estate agents, neighborhood familiarity is not as important. Overall experience is the key.

2. Communication. The interview is a chance to get to know your agent. It gives you a feel for how the agent communicates and whether you will work together effectively to meet your goals. Are you speaking the same language, do you understand what they’re telling you, and do they answer your questions adequately?

What happens if your agent isn’t available due to illness, a planned vacation, or other time away from work? Do they have support in place so that your transaction is still being managed? Make sure you ask these questions and that you are happy with their responses. 

Every Realtor is different, so it’s okay to interview until you find the right match.

3. Price. For some people, choosing an agent is all about price; they want to negotiate the lowest possible commission. If that’s part of your criteria, you’ll want to interview real estate agents accordingly. Regardless of whether you are looking for the lowest commission or the most comprehensive and professional services for your money, it’s all about communication; make sure you know what you are getting (or not getting). 

4. Character and personality. These are more about the person than the services they provide. If it’s important to you that your agent is likeable, personable, and genuine, be sure to consider these characteristics during your interview.  

A person’s character is different from their personality. Character involves the values a person holds dear. The best way to explore this is to ask about their stance on different real estate topics and what they would do in a given scenario. Do they share your values? Are they ethical? Will they treat people the way you would expect? It’s better to find out about these things BEFORE they come up during a transaction! 

Finally, remember that you’re in charge of the interview process. And while it may be easy to assume that all REALTORS are essentially the same, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Agents not only operate differently and have varying fee structures, they have unique personalities and character traits as well.

As always, if you are in the Oklahoma City area and would like to interview our team to see if we are a fit, just let us know! We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you!