Here are six marketing tasks that every Realtor should do in this market.

All real estate agents are a little bit different, and everyone has a slightly different view of marketing. However, some marketing tactics should be used across the board. Here are six things that all Realtors should be doing to market their sellers’ homes:

1. Pricing it correctly. This is as much your agent’s responsibility as it is yours. The home needs to be priced to sell, and all the other items on this list are irrelevant if you don’t get the pricing right.

2. Listing on the MLS. Realtors have access to a proprietary database called the multiple listing service. Somewhere between 80% and 90% of homes are sold by real estate professionals, and without the MLS, the only way consumers can find homes is by driving by them or finding them on a third-party site. Most of those sites are connected to the MLS anyway.

3. Taking professional photos. These photos can be used to create virtual tours or videos of the home, and they have to be nice. Every home benefits from this, and very rarely would it make sense to not use professional photography to market a home.

“Your agent should get feedback, evaluate it, and use it to adjust.”

4. Effectively navigating inquiries. You might not think of this as a marketing strategy, but it is. Let’s say someone finds your home online and they reach out with a question. How prompt and effective is your agent at fielding those questions? If they aren’t quick enough, then all of these marketing strategies are for naught.

5. Putting up signs. You might think that yard signs are a thing of the past, but you’d be surprised at how many homes are discovered through signs. Neighbors are often the best co-marketers you can have if they know people who want to live in your neighborhood. Other buyers will drive the streets of a neighborhood until they see a sign, and then they’ll look it up online.

6. Adjusting as needed. Your real estate agent’s marketing plan should involve making adjustments based on feedback. Once the home is shown, listen to what buyers are saying about it. The agent should be requesting feedback from other Realtors and their clients about their experience viewing the home. Then your agent should take that information, evaluate it, and use it to adjust. 

These are the most important things that agents should be doing to market your home. If your agent is doing all of these things effectively, you should have no problem getting your home sold. If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.