Why real estate investors are sending cash offers to people in the mail.

Today I’m answering a question we get frequently at the Senior Living Truth Series, “Why do I get these postcards saying that someone wants to buy my house for cash?” You may not have received one of those letters, but if we had to guess, you’ve probably seen a lot of them.

Why are you receiving them? Investors are looking for deals in today’s market, but there’s not a lot of inventory. To get around this, they purchase lists from some third-party vendor that lets them target certain demographics, geographic areas, or criteria. They might even just pull records from the county assessor’s office for free. 

Whatever way they do it, it looks very personal. It may even have your name handwritten on it. Will they truly pay cash for your house? Yes, but they are looking for three specific types of sellers. 

  1. The desperate seller. This is someone who needs cash and doesn’t have time to wait. Sometimes this is an heir to an estate, someone behind in their mortgage or property tax payments, or an owner who thinks their home can’t be sold due to deferred maintenance.
  2. Sellers who want convenience. This doesn’t happen too often in our area because we can make it convenient to list your home on the open market.
  3. The ignorant home seller. We don’t mean these sellers are ignorant people. They just may be ignorant concerning the value of their house. Let’s face it, if you’ve lived in your home for 30 years and haven’t worried much about its value, you may have lost track of what your house is truly worth. These investors count on your lack of knowledge.

These investors count on your lack of knowledge.

If you’re thinking about selling in the near or distant future, make sure you know the true value of your home. Not the value that Zillow or Realtor.com says, but the true value. And if you want a convenient way to sell your home quickly – still getting the best price – always talk to your trusted real estate pro first. While investors may say otherwise, experienced agents can often make the sale far more convenient than you expect, while still netting you the best return.

If you want to know what your home is worth, simply email or call us – or just CLICK HERE and enter your address. We will double check the value the system generates and then call you with any corrections that may need to be addressed (computers are smart but not as smart as local experts who know your area).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.