Better Buyer Program

Why Become a Better Buyer?


√ Best House

√ Best Price

√ Best Terms

The BEST overall home
buying experience!

At Buckelew Realty Group we want ALL BUYERS to be BETTER BUYERS.

Just a few things our BETTER BUYERS know…

  • How to interview and hire the right buyer specialist.

  • Key things to consider when creating your housing goals and budget.

  • What types of markets there are and how to navigate them.

  • How to research mortgage loans and get the best interest rates.

  • What closing costs involve and how to estimate your moving expenses.

  • Strategies for making winning offers and negotiating the terms of the contract.

  • The buyer’s role in the home inspection process.

  • Home warranty basics.

  • Best practices for communicating with home builders and contractors.

  •  What to expect in your first year of home ownership.

Who should join the Better Buyer Program?

  • Anyone serious or curious about buying a home in the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas.


  • People who want to be informed and educated about the home buying process.


  • Learning-based individuals who appreciate the importance of planning ahead.

How to Become a Better Buyer

Attend a Better Buyer workshop

Meet with a Home Buyer Specialist

Get Pre-qualified (if mortgage is needed)

Start your home search

Graduate from being a

Call our home buyer division at 405-266-7879
or email for more information